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Digital mail is now available as an upgrade to all clients. For an additional $12.95 per month, you can access images of your mail online anytime and select actions such as “scan” “mail” and “shred”. Complete this form to begin the signup process.

Cancel your membership by calling into the office: 1-800-419-1690

New Client Paperwork

 There are 2 steps you must complete before we can assign your PMB box number.


1. Submit 2 forms of ID for each person claiming the address 

Submit Online

Or fax / email photos of your ID’s to:
866-274-0490 / [email protected]

Valid forms of ID includeDriver’s License, Military ID, Passport, Voter / Vehicle registration card, Vehicle Insurance card, Government or University ID card.
These forms of ID are NOT allowedSocial Security card, Credit Card, Birth Certificate
– You must include a photo of the entire ID

2. New Account Paperwork

Submit Online

If 2nd applicant has different last name: Complete this with their info
Video walk-through: View Here
Online paperwork includes detailed instructions. Submitting online is fast, easy, and secure.

Print Forms & Fax / Email: Download Here
Printing and faxing / emailing forms instead of completing them online will increase processing time. If you print the forms instead of filling online, you will have to get them notarized.


After Steps 1 & 2 are completed, we will review and approve your paperwork.
This can take up to 8 business days, but is typically done faster. After approved, our new client team member will contact you with your PMB number and full address.



 – STOP –

Do not proceed until you have been assigned your PMB number. We will process your paperwork and contact you with your PMB number & legal South Dakota address within 8 days. Questions? – [email protected]

Once you have received the address from our team member, complete the last step of registration by filling out the following form 


  1. Change of Address with USPS

    Fill this out with USPS using your new YBA address. This is necessary for SD residency & vehicle registration.


Optional Services

These forms can be filled once you have your PMB number and have updated your YBA address with USPS

South Dakota Vehicle Registration

Complete Forms Online
Printable Version: Click Here
Video Walk-through: View Here
Online Forms include detailed instructions. Easy to fill, fastest processing.

Completing these forms is required before your meeting with our vehicle specialist Melissa. Please note that vehicle registration assistance typically carries a $159.75 fee per vehicle. FMCA members get the first fee waived and 4 or more vehicles will include a discount.

II. Schedule An Appointment Online
Appointment checklist: click here to view 



Digital Mail Add-On
Video tutorial of the digital mail portal – here

Digital Mailboxes are created by our team along with your PMB box within 7 business days of you completing steps 1 & 2 above. A team member will contact you with your account details.

 If you did not sign up for digital mail, you can add it your traditional mail plan anytime by clicking here


 That’s All! Please do your best to complete steps 1 & 2. If you still have questions, give us a call anytime!

Your Best Address

Fax: 866-274-0490
Office: 605-334-5313
401 East 8th St, Suite 214
Sioux Falls, SD 57103