Mail Forwarding & South Dakota Residency

  • Traditional Mail Forwarding

    $17/ Month

    • Legal South Dakota Address
    • Free Residency Support
    • Vehicle Assistance ($197 fee)
    • Unlimited Mail Forwarding
    • Custom Schedule or on Demand
    • Client Portal, Email & Text Alerts
    • Digital Mail Daily Scanning
  • Digital Mail Daily Scanning

    $30/ Month

    • Everything in Mail Plan PLUS...
    • Phone App & Custom Alerts
    • All Mail Scanned Daily
    • Open & Scan Only $1 + 0.50 page
    • Pick Mail for Each Forward
    • Save Money, Ship Less
    • Dedicated Digital Mail Support
  • All Plans Include

    • 13th month FREE for annual
    • Unlimited mail & storage
    • Free secure shredding
    • Ship anywhere worldwide
    • Tracking text & email notifications
    • Low fees: $1.60 USPS, $2.67
    • FMCA & Military Discounts
    • Update preferences free
    $50 starting postage balance
    $25 sign up fee
    6.5% tax + 2.9% processing fee

3 Step Residency Process


Pick your annual plan, pay, and complete the online paperwork. Then we assign your new address.

Visit for 1 Day

Spend 1 night in South Dakota and keep the receipt. Hotel or campground.

Go to the DMV

Bring your YBA contract, receipt from your night's stay, & identification to any South Dakota DMV.

Maintaining an Annual Plan is Required for Residency Benefits

Additional Plan Details

Vehicle Assistance: We can help you with the registry process. For an additional $197 fee per vehicle, our dedicated specialist will walk through the paperwork with you and then file it in person. We can often expedite the registry process significantly. This fee is for our service and is not counted towards any registration cost. FMCA members get $100 of their first registration fee.

New Account Fees: When you first sign up with us there is a $25 sign up fee. There is also a 6.5% sales tax and 2.9% credit card processing fee. Fees are non-refundable. Additionally, there is a $50 charge placed in your postage escrow account.

Digital Mail: Digital Mail is an upgrade added to the Mail Forwarding plan. Learn more about Digital Mail
* Requesting mail be opened and scanned carries a $1 service fee + $0.50 per page. We do our best to avoid scanning useless pages

Client Portal: Avilable online and as a free app. Use the Client Portal to update your preferences, track mail & invoices, add postage and renew your plan. A test account can be logged in to with the credentials
Box #100

client portal

Multiple Business Entities: If you are operating more than one business out of an address, you're account must be upgraded to a Business Account which carries an additional $17 per month fee. The Billing department can add this to your plan after signup.

Registered Agent: For a $125 per year fee, we can manage professional business services as a registered agent. The Billing department can add this to your plan after signup.

To learn even more - check out our FAQ