Changing state residency for tax purposes


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Mail forwarding service is a one of the services that is offered by the post office or other mail service providers. It is also known as hybrid mail or virtual post office box service. There are private mail forwarding service providers that will provide you with the necessary services to establish a South Dakota Residency. This will provide you with a flexible method for you to receive the priority mails that you need even if you are an RV’er, travelling nurse, OTR trucker, Businessman, Contractor, military man, diplomat or even protecting your identity.

Your Best Address – SD Mail Forwarding

The reason why many people select South Dakota in order to make the mail forwarding services are because of the various benefits that they will receive. The state of South Dakota has no income tax, no inheritance tax and no personal property tax so that the taxes that a person has to pay in obtaining a mail address in South Dakota is less. The other reasons for many to select South Dakota is that there is no vehicle inspection, a vehicle having any type of condition new or old will have a tax of only 4% and the low cost of registration for vehicles and RVs.

It is possible for you to get a mail forwarding by the US Postal Service which will provide the services of forwarding the mail to a virtual location of your choosing. They will have the authority to scan all the mail and send to a virtual location. There are also many private agencies that have mail forwarding services available on the internet. There are many online websites that you will be able to create a South Dakota mailing address. The best method to setup a mail forwarding service is through ‘Your Best Address’. The site will provide you with the steps needed for you to make a mailing address in the tax free state of South Dakota. The various sites that offer the services will have various rates for the time durations you need the mail forwarding service. The standard mail forwarding that are available are by on demand, monthly, bi-monthly and weekly. But you have to be sure that these mail forwarding services providers have been authorized by the US Postal service.

The basic necessity which is need for you to have a mail forwarding service in South Dakota is the south Dakota driver’s license, vehicle registration and voters card. The mail forwarding service providers will assist you in obtaining the driver’s license, the voter’s card and the vehicle registration. When all the necessary information is provided you will be getting a South Dakota mailing address which you provide. Then all the mail will be forwarded to that mail address. You will be able to scan certain mails that you require scanning and will be able to manage all the postage balance. You will also be able shred the mail that you do not need in order to attain maximum privacy. These services many vary according to the service provider.


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