What to look for in a Mail Forwarding Service

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When it comes to having mail forwarded – whether it’s because you’re moving to another country, changing your domicile state, or just changing addresses – you don’t want to take any chances. With mail being so important, you really need a service that you can rely on. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can receive everything from birthday cards to government forms. 

Mail forwarding has certainly caught up with the technological age, With the availability of virtual mail forwarding services, most providers scan, bundle and ship your mail at your request. However, this doesn’t mean that every company provides an equal quality of service.

Personal Support & Flexibility

Like most businesses, people look for a good track record and reliability when it comes to customer satisfaction. This is why it’s good to first go through company policies and pick out a company that you can completely depend on. Looking on Google, Facebook, and review sites like SiteJabber  can give you a full view of a business’ customer satisfaction in a matter of minutes.

The best way to check how reliable they may be is by looking for any customer complaints and how well these complaints were handled. Lots of mail forwarding companies get online complaints and lots of them go unanswered. If something does go wrong (which it’s impossible to avoid forever) it’s important that the company take responsibility and make it right.

Check online for any shortcomings, negative reviews, or complaints with the BBB. Once you’ve selected a few companies, look through their policies and see how much they charge, this will help you narrow down the list even further. Some places might require a deposit up front, while others have a set fee. Finally, give the business a call and talk to a human being on the telephone. This will often tell you whether or not a service can be trusted and how quickly issues will be handled should they occur. It’s best to check all possible options and find something that suits your budget.

Choose one that Responds Quickly

Always go with a Mail Forwarding Service that replies to your inquiries quickly. This shows that they take customer care seriously. Mail Services need to be accurate, guaranteed and reliable because if not you could be dealing with a real problem when an important package doesn’t reach you.

Package Forwarding needs to be handled very carefully and delicately if something valuable is being shipped. It’s important that this is all done by people who care about their business and not just a company that wants to ship every package with the least amount of effort. You also want a company that will secure your privacy. This is why Your Best Address offers free shredding of any mail which you choose not to receive

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