SD Domicile Advantages for Military Personnel


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Military personnel are some of the world’s most mobile workers. They are often transferred from one place to another in an abrupt manner, depending on their work assignments and/or deployment responsibilities. This kind of mobility can cause problems when it comes to getting your mail. That is why many military personnel choose to reduce their stress by hiring a mail forwarding service.

Your Best Address has 12 years of experience helping reduce the stress of constant travel. No matter what your situation, we have a lot to offer. Our service is friendly and very personal. Our #1 goal is to provide as customized and one-on-one a service as possible to make sure that we reduce your stress, not add to it.

We offer both mail forwarding services and South Dakota residency (domicile) services. Depending on your assignment in the military, you may benefit from the advantages of being a SD resident. These advantages include – NO income tax & NO inheritance tax.

Your Best Address is authorized by the United States Postal Service as a mail forwarding service operating in South Dakota. It caters to a wide range of clients including active duty military personnel deployed anywhere in the USA. It offers lots of privileges and services that will suit any active duty military personnel’s mailing and mail forwarding service needs.

Mail forwarding services that Your Best Address offers include: free sorting and shredding of unwanted junk mail for ensured maximum security, receiving and forwarding of mail anywhere you specify or wherever you may be, $12 monthly mail box rental, lowest rates for all mailing services (based on competitor rates), instant email notification for outgoing mail for free, no additional charges for ‘on demand’ mails or mails that are sent only upon request, monthly personal mailbox rented for $12 is on a ‘one-price-and-one-size-fits-all’ policy regardless of the mail volume, and no extra charges for a piece of mail accepted from any courier service that needs to be signed for as proof of delivery.

These are only some of the many services in mailing and mail forwarding offered by Your Best Address for all active duty military personnel and other clients. For more detailed information on the promos and other services it provides and caters for mailings and mail forwarding services, you can browse through Your Best Address on its website at It offers suitable services that fit your mailing and mail forwarding needs as active duty military personnel.

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