Mail Forwarding & SD Residency for Pipeline Workers


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There are plenty of reasons why people need forwarding addresses for their mail. This is especially true when their line of work requires them to stay in different areas for an indefinite period of time. One major example is pipeline workers. They need to have access to their personal mail and have the assurance that nothing will get lost in transit.

This is where a mail forwarding services enters the picture. There are different agencies that you can work with. Your Best Address is the highest rated. We have been authorized by the U.S. Postal Service. When it comes to your mail, you always want to know where it is and where it is going. This is why working with a reliable agency like Your Best Address will be your best bet.

How much does it cost?

Just $12 per month.

What are some other benefits?

We can quickly help you establish SD residency. This can save you thousands in taxes.

When a site requires the services of pipeline workers, this doesn’t mean getting a few men from the local community. More often than not, hundreds of skilled workers from all over the country need to be recruited. This means that pulling people out of their permanent residences onto temporary living shelters near the work site for months. It is during this time when they require the service of a reliable forwarding services for their mail.

Your Best Address is a mail forwarding agency based in South Dakota and what they do is provide workers with a legitimate address that they can use for their mail and other deliveries. We then collect their mail and forward it to wherever they are. This is one of the main benefits of such a service as it ensures convenience, security, and timely delivery of important mail and parcels to clients. Our friendly staff is trained to make your life easier.

If you happen to be working across multiple sites, not to worry. All it takes is a simple phone call or email and they’ll get you your address updated immediately. We can also sort your mail for you and remove any junk mail. You’ll save more time not having to go through useless junk. We’ll even shred it for you for the utmost confidentiality.

If that weren’t enough, clients can set South Dakota as their domicile state. This means paying no state income tax, low vehicle taxes, no vehicle inspections, no estate tax, and much more. Call or visit our main site today for a free overview. $12 per month to establish your address is the only required cost! Click the image below to visit our homepage.

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