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Benefits & How to Claim SD Residency

Requirements for SD Residency

You'll need a South Dakota address and the ability to receive mail sent to that address. This means signing up for a South Dakota Mail Forwarding Company like YBA

As soon as you've signed up, we will contact you with your new physical street address. This qualifies you for South Dakota Vehicle Registrations, a South Dakota drivers license, and voter registration.

You must be physically present to apply for a South Dakota Driver’s License. To receive your first SD driver's license, you must stay one night in a campground, hotel, airbnb, or motel in SD and show a receipt* to the driver's license office.

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More About South Dakota Domicile / Residency

South Dakota is truly unique in terms of the advantages it offers to residents. Below is a short list of the most important benefits:

• Becoming a resident is simple and painless
• Once a resident, you will pay NO STATE INCOME TAX (earned income, pensions, military retirement, dividends, interest, etc.)
• Once a resident, you will pay NO INHERITANCE TAX
• South Dakota charges only a 3% tax on the TRADE DIFFERENCE for vehicle, RV, and motor homes trades
For example, if you purchase a new RV for $60,000 and trade your existing RV to receive $40,000 trade in credit, you pay a difference of $20,000. You would pay the 3% vehicle tax on only the $20,000 difference meaning your tax would be $600 in SD. This can be a huge difference when compared to some states that might charge 6% on the entire amount - $3600 in some states!
• No annual vehicle inspections.
• Low cost Registration fees for vehicles and RV's.
• South Dakota has only a 4% sales tax.

But then I have to live in South Dakota... right?

No. You are only required to have a legal address in SD (not a P.O. Box). For your drivers license, you need only stay in SD for a single day every 5 years!

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

The only step to becoming a SD resident that requires payment, besides government fees, is the mail forwarding service which grants you a legal SD mailing address and forwards necessary mail documentation.

What is the cost of a South Dakota Driver's License?

Driver License or ID Card - New or Renewal - $20.00
Commercial Driver License - New or Renewal - $25.00
Commercial Driver License Endorsement Tests - $10.00 each test

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